The iVIP is the special model of intelligent electronic cigarette on the market, which can automatically recommend a suitable voltage by detecting the resistance of the different cartomizers.
The iVIP continues to use ON/OFF battery safety switch, LED Battery capacity display, Pass-through, Pen clip style and CE4 style Clearomizer

Four colors available: Gun, Chameleon, Black and White.

Special features of iVIP:
Working Voltage range
The Battery can output the voltage from3.3v to 5.0v according to your voltage adjustment, which can adjust the voltage by 0.1 volt in/decrement easily.

The iVIP for clearomizers
The iVIP is compatible with most cartomizers or clearomizers by the converter, such as 808D, 510, RN4081, 901, 8105, Tidy, etc;
The iVIP can automatically recommend a suitable voltage by detecting the resistance of the attached cartomizer/atomizer.

The CE4 Clearmizer style
The currently classical atomizer of CE4 style is designed for iVIP . The CE4 atomizer system
means it more clear&clean and cost effective.

Long live energy
The iVIP e-cigarette uses built-in 700 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

Puffer accounter
The iVIP shows how many puffs are remaining with its unique “puffer accounter”

The battery's button has 3-click On/Off switch. Press the button 3 click within 1-2 seconds. You can turn the battery on or off.

10 Seconds cutoff
The battery has 10 Second safety cutout time. when you use it over 10 seconds nonstop, the battery button will flash 8 seconds and stop to work, which prevents the battery from overheating.

Battery capacity Display
The battery button led can display remaining battery capacity. Blue led means over 75% capacity. Green led means 25-75% capacity. Red led means less than 25% capacity, which tells you that the battery need charge.

Circuit Protection

The battery has short circuit Protection, which can prevent the battery from overheating.
The battery has Over-Discharge Protection, which will automatically turn off the battery when
the battery is discharged.
The battery has Low Voltage Warning. When the voltage is lower than 3.3V, the red LED will flash 8 times. Then the battery stops producing vapor, which tells that you need to recharge the battery.
If you keep using the battery without recharging, the red LED will flash 8 times twice, then the
battery will turn off automatically.

Charging Style

The battery can be charged by Passthrough with a USB cable.

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