Viper SLB 901

The classical electronic cigarette dse901, improved by Vipercig and powered by SLB (Sailebao)

Product Description

Starter kit includes:

1. DSE901 battery 2PCS
2. DSE901 atomizer 1PC
3. DSE901 wall charger 1PC
4. Power line 1PC

5. DSE901 manual 1PCS
6. Certificate of quality 1PC
7. Gift box 1PC
8. Cartridge High 2PCS Medium 1PC low 1PC No 1PC

1. Mini size, resemble a true cigarette.
2. Compared with all e-cigs, 901 is the most exquisite item, with resonable price.
3. Contain no tar and other carcinogenic substances founded in traditional smoke.
4. No ignition and no fire hazard, can be used in most non-smoking places.
5. Coming with huge smog when do small puff, let you feel owesome!
Nicotine content of each cartridge equals traditional cigarette: 15PCS


1. Size:  D9.2mm*L118.8mm
2. Weight for a single cigarette: 15g
3. Nicotine content of each cartridge: 0.5g
4. Each cartridge equals traditional cigarette: 10PCS
5. Each cartridge can keep for: 150-200puffs
6. Battery capacity: 180mAh
7. Normal working voltage: 4.2_3.3V
8. Charging voltage: 4.2V
9. Charging time:  2-2.5 hours
10. Full battery can keep for: 180-200puffs
11. Risistance: 2.7-3.0 ohms
12. Life of battery: 300 times charging
1. The smog it took out is acrosol which made from atomized nicotine liquid, without the danger of "sccond-hand smoking". You can enjoy it in many public places: In the air, train, bus, restrant, club and so on.

2. Non-flammable and no fire hazard; Free of tar and other carcinoenic substance or harmful inredients.

3. It can stimulate the smokers and satisfy their smoking addiction, making them happy and relaxed, so as to relieve the suffering of quitting somking.


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